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The Playground

Sep 23, 2020

So you want a healing business without working on yourself first.

This is the #1 setup for your failure, and it makes no sense what so ever.

Many entrepreneurially minded visionaries like yourself who are super intuitive and are getting the call towards the “woo”, will often skip the embodiment part of your healing practice, and jump straight into the


“I want to make this a business because I feel like it validates me to other people if I can prove I can make money doing this”.

Honey. Sweetheart. Babe. No. Stop.

It doesn’t matter what your modality is, if a deeper core issue resides within you, it will follow you into your business.

*Low confidence in yourself will follow you into your business.

*An abandonment complex will follow you into your business.

*Imposter Syndrome will follow you into your business.

*Feeling unqualified, inexperienced, self-sabotaging behaviors, mistrust in your modalities, insecurities of how you’re perceived to other… will ONE THOUSAND percent follow you into your business, unless you actually work on addressing them.

This episode asks you to take a deeper look into the foundation you're setting for yourself.


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