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The Playground

Jul 29, 2021

How have your dreams been lately? In this episode we're chatting with Holly Emmerson all about the dream world, dreams during the moon cycles, receiving messages and guidance within dreams, and traveling through the dream world.

Holly Emmerson is a Dream Oracle and helps others manifest their goals and desires. She has...

Jul 16, 2021

The mirco planet Chiron is in retrograde and activate all the wounds in you, healer. Let's chat about what this means and how to thrive through it.



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Jul 15, 2021

In breathwork, it's pretty common to enter a quantum realm in the ether element during the practice. In our Flow Breathwork Facilitator Level 2 training, the group entered this space and a few little glitches started to happen. Let's break it down.


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Jul 14, 2021

Big Mentee Spotlight! Breathwork Facilitator Student Spotlight Series 💫

Meet Caroline Bailey, a beautiful and incredible soul I’ve had the pleasure of expanding with inside our masterminds and trainings for several years now! She’s at the forefront of blending holistic therapy, somatic experiencing, sharing...