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The Playground

Sep 30, 2021

Why do people poo-poo on your joy? Have you noticed that? Why is it so hard to just like something for the sake of it without being criticized? In this episode, we're chatting about the importance of owning your joy, especially female joy, and why it's the biggest step to claiming back your sovereignty.


Sep 28, 2021

Times are changing and how do we lean into the changes rather than being completely overwhelmed by them? In this episode, we're chatting about the three practical actions you can take to deal with times that feel overwhelming.




Healing Arts Practitioner Training Program Immersion: 

Sep 17, 2021

Fall Equinox is around the corner. 

Harvest season is here. This time is really about collecting the fruits of your labor in this transitional time and being intentional about what you will conserve going into the following season.

Look to nature for clues. What’s nature doing right now?

Leaves begin to shift colors...

Sep 16, 2021

Breathwork Facilitator Student + ACTIVATED Mastermind Spotlight Series

Elizabeth Lopez is a healer, empath, breathwork facilitator, & boundary coach. Over the years Elizabeth learned how the lack of boundaries affected her. She overcame her people pleasing habits and now helps BIPOC empathic women set stronger...