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The Playground

Feb 21, 2023

Nervous System Regulation 101 for Coaches, Healers, and Wellness Practitioners is coming up.

Coaches, healers, and wellness practitioners, this training is for you to support your clients in DEEP, IMPACTFUL, and LASTING transformations. Surface level transformations aren't going to cut it anymore. It's time to get to...

Feb 21, 2023

and I OOP! There's a fine balance of collecting knowledge and information and really paying attention to the ENERGETICS of how to use or practice that knowledge. Without a few key elements that we'll discuss together in this episode, you're left with big brain energy and low self confidence. 



Feb 17, 2023

There's a deep desire within you to help and support others, but where does it come from? When you're in the business of changing lives, there's a core truth many of us won't face. Are you ready?


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Feb 15, 2023

Flow Breathwork Facilitator Student Spotlight Series 💫

We're chatting with a recent graduate of Flow Breathwork Facilitator training all about nervous system regulation is THE KEY to healing a relationship with money.

🌟Niki Ferguson is a Money Well-Being Coach. She guides coaches, creators, and healers through...

Feb 7, 2023

Flow Breathwork Facilitator Student Spotlight Series 💫

Erin Call is an embodiment guide, breathwork facilitator and sensual somatic movement healer. She is a heart warrior for women ready to heal the feminine and be liberated into embodied pleasure. Her deepest intention is that women come to know their bodies...