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The Playground

Sep 17, 2023

If you’re building your yoga, reiki, doula, health, coaching, or healing business, you can’t just manifest it. Sowwy.

A successful healing arts business is created both by matching the energetics of being an abundant practitioner and taking the proper actions towards the vision of service.

Practitioners start and quit, become riddled with overthinking, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and talk themselves out of sharing their beautiful gifts with their communities time and time again.

They become certification junkies that don’t APPLY the knowledge they collect. They keep waiting for the right time to begin. They keep believing there’s one fool-proof way to practice the healing arts.

When really, having a successful healing arts business boils down to a few simples things.

When you have the energetics, are regulating your nervous system, and feel confident in using your tools, you aren’t caught in patterns of self-doubt. You are able to intentionally take action towards your dreams and goals, and manage the discomforts that come with being an abundant entrepreneur. You become aligned with your higher self and serve in FLOW.


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