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The Playground

Apr 3, 2024

Flow Breathwork Facilitator Student Spotlight Series πŸ’«
Meet Hillarie Maddox of @blackgirl.countryliving
Hillarie is a nature connection educator who experienced a profound shift after moving from the city to the country and connecting to her roots. She believed that a good job was the key to happiness, until she found deep healing and joy in being in nature.
She says:
🌱 My garden introduced me to mindfulness and that's when I began formal meditation.
🌱 Meditation raised my awareness of my thoughts and breathwork became the key to transmuting the feelings behind them.
🌱 After working with a breathwork coach for several months and finding deep transformation, I wanted to offer that same support to other people in my community.
In this conversation we chatted about
  • Rewilding and reclamation of connection to land
  • Liberation through mindfulness, slowing down, and breathwork
  • Journey to becoming a flow breathwork facilitator committed to community and accessibility.
Check out Hillarie's work @blackgirl.countryliving!
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