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The Playground

Jan 19, 2021

Our call was FIRREEE! Who is feeling ignited? Did you miss it? No worries. It's really inspiring to see so many people just like us gathering, connecting, sharing, and ACTIVATING. There's more to come and our gifts have never been more needed in a society that can feel divisive and hollow. We're the ones creating the new reality in the vision we want to see. Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to play?

🌟Here is the audio recording or you can catch the video replay:

🌟Here is the big take-away:
P. Purpose + Passion (What's your Ikigai?)
L. Letting go of the limiting stories (Whose voice are you listening to?)
A. Align with your healer archetype (Are you working with your against your archetype?
Y. Why? It all comes back to YOU being in your authentic embodied expression (We're waiting)
It just ain't that serious; it's time we came back to the basics and took our power back. Play. Have fun. Give ourselves permission to explore. Revisit our natural gifts. Create what feels exciting and aligned. Create communities that support and empower us. And be abundant AF in the meantime.
If you haven't done so already, definitely find your healer archetype and listen to the corresponding podcast episode to get super clear on what types of actions are aligned with you

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