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The Playground

Apr 11, 2021

We've entered an incredibly intense New Moon in Aries that's making everything feel extra. Are you feeling it?





The New Moon in the fiery Aries is bringing a level of intensity that can easily be interpreted as restlessness or aggression.

You might be feeling (or behaving) intense in conversations, eager to get going on projects, and wanting to move a few things forward.

The key here is to channel that energy and be intentional about where that super intense energy is being directed. Are these aggressive conversations useful and moving the needle towards your values? Is the restlessness you feel urging you to make drastic choices that aren't a part of the bigger vision?

In this planting and rebirthing season, there are growing pains. There's a desire to automatically take on too much or channel your energy towards things or situations that don't really matter.

Ease into the slowness of planting intentionally.


What am I feeling intense about?



Take an inventory of how you spend your energy: emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Does where you invest match what you're manifesting?


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