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The Playground

Aug 10, 2021

In this episode, we're chatting with Eric Mellgren all about sound healing, community elevation and his approach to making meditation normal for the everyday person.

Eric Mellgren, Founder of The Middle Branch, started his company to teach people how to have a healthier relationship to stress, different ways to relieve stress/anxiety, and giving their minds and bodies an optimal foundation for healing. As a Sound Guided Meditation practitioner, energy worker, and health coach, Eric uses techniques to bring one into a state of relaxation which allows deep healing to occur. Spending most of his life working in music, whether being an artist or behind the scenes, it molded his style of sound bath journeys he creates by using crystal quartz bowls and various other instruments. Eric’s background in nutrition and energy work has also been a major influence on the approach taken when speaking about the biology and science behind why meditation is so powerful and the use of sound enhancing that quality.

Being mindful with yourself, or MNDFL, is a motto and formula that TMB uses. Meditation+Natural Healing+Diet+Fitness= a Lifestyle. Using this as a template to be able to get through the tough times, push through the stuck ones, and go beyond anything you imagined for yourself.


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