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The Playground

Jul 14, 2023

Why are somatic flow breathwork techniques crucial for coaches and healers? The body has all the answers; well, most of them. Every fiber of our bodies hold intelligence, wisdom, and depth - much of which we have forgotten how to interpret over time.

Coaches and healers who are focusing heavily on mindset, linear,...

Jun 30, 2023

Flow Breathwork Facilitator Student Spotlight 💫
What an amazing conversation with our Flow Breathwork Student - Jodi Campbell! ✨
🌟In this convo, we talked about:
  • moving from corporate sales to helping women sync and understand their cycles
  • incorporating the unique feminine approach of flow...

Jan 7, 2023

Ready to practice weekly breathwork on Sundays at 7pm CT?

Register here:

Jan 4, 2022

Breathwork Facilitator Student + ACTIVATED Mastermind Spotlight Series 💫

Meet @rootedinloveandtruth 💕. What an honor to chat with long time mentee all about her journey from sports management into holistic wellness @alwaysplaystudios , being a catalyst for love and intimacy for black/brown couples,...

Sep 16, 2021

Breathwork Facilitator Student + ACTIVATED Mastermind Spotlight Series

Elizabeth Lopez is a healer, empath, breathwork facilitator, & boundary coach. Over the years Elizabeth learned how the lack of boundaries affected her. She overcame her people pleasing habits and now helps BIPOC empathic women set stronger...