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The Playground

Apr 3, 2024

Flow Breathwork Facilitator Student Spotlight Series 💫
Meet Hillarie Maddox of @blackgirl.countryliving
Hillarie is a nature connection educator who experienced a profound shift after moving from the city to the country and connecting to her roots. She believed that a good job was the key to happiness, until she...

Dec 4, 2023

If you're a therapist who's been wanting to add more body based healing practices into your therapy practice, this is a super quick and practical video for you on how you can introduce breathwork to your clients. If you're completely new to the concept of breathwork, breathwork is the practice of regulating your...

Aug 10, 2023

Let's talk Boundaries for Highly Sensitive People & Empaths! If past trauma and life events have led you to prioritize others' needs over your own, setting boundaries becomes crucial, especially for those in the healing arts profession.

Doubts, energy leaks, and feeling energetically overwhelmed can be addressed by...

Jun 27, 2023

$1000 scholarships for aspiring healers!

If you were at our summer solstice partay, I announced that we're giving away $1000 scholarships to Flow Breathwork Facilitator Training!

We've been proud to support hundreds underrepresented, underserved, and marginalized practitioners through $150k in...

Jun 13, 2023

There comes a time where you gotta make the choice for yourself.

👌🏾Are you ready to break through your limitations yet (let’s be honest, you made most of them up yourselves…) or do you just wanna keep telling yourself the same story?

Our brain and subconscious are very creative; they’ll make up stories to...