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The Playground

Apr 28, 2021

111, 222, 333. Do you see the sign? Did you know that angel numbers are complex frequency codes and don't mean the same thing for everyone? In this episode, we're chatting about what angel numbers are, why you see them, and how to interpret them.

What numbers do you see?


Free Masterclass for...

Apr 8, 2021

In this episode, we meet Joshua W Bruner, who is a musician and meditation enthusiast who enjoys creating relaxing sounds for enhancing wellness. We chat all about bio and neurofeedback in sound healing, sound therapy, and sound aided meditation. Joshua shares his experience in creating plant music, studying brain waves...

Mar 29, 2021

Breathwork Facilitator Student Spotlight Series 💫

Meet the Embodied Nurturer Vonree Mao. Vonree helps guide people back into their body through various embodiment practices. Such as bodywork/massage, yoga and breathwork meditation.

In this episode we hear about Vonree's journey into creating intuitively rooted -...