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The Playground

Aug 30, 2020

Welcome to The Playground, a space for spiritual exploration, personal development, self-love, mysticism, healing, wellness, and for millennials stepping into our most embodied selves, all while having fun!

What would it be like to be fully you? If you could embrace your intuitive gifts, activate your inner healer, and embody a version of you that opens you up to amazing possibilities, how would that feel?

I’m Shanila. I am an integrative wellness leader, a 4th generation sound healer, breathwork coach, women’s researcher, national speaker, mentor, and the founder of AlwaysPlay Studios and The Integrative Healing Academy™. I created my studio to be your friendly guide towards your self discovery and mystic journey. 

So many of us are taking ourselves way too seriously now-a-days; it’s time to have fun. Ready to play?


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Music: Armeen Musa, Shara Dao