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The Playground

Apr 30, 2022

Big word now-a-days: AUTHENTIC. 

In this episode, let's explore this concept and break down what it actually means to the core. 



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Apr 27, 2022

Ready to become a certified breathwork facilitator?

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Apr 26, 2022

oppp there it is, again! Eclipse season is coming and with it, brings a lot of ... interesting energy. Here's what you need to know energetically about eclipse season (about 4-6 each year) and how you can be mindful of the energetic shifts you're about to feel.


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Apr 25, 2022

Oh snaps. The truth about alignment, huh? Yes, if you've ever participated with the concept of "alignment", "flow", "ease", etc., this conversation is for you. 

What do you think? What's your definition of alignment?


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Apr 22, 2022

How's it feel to wear your heart on your sleeve all the time? How's it going for you? In the culture of "speaking your truth", "speaking up", "vulnerability sells", how are you actually doing?

Let's talk about vulnerability and your relationship with it. Are you empowered by it? Are you exhausted by it? Are you...