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The Playground

Nov 28, 2023

If you’ve been hearing the word “somatic healing” or "nervous system regulation" lately, but have no idea what that actually is, let’s do a somatic healing 101 overview so you can understand what the heck people are talking about and how it’s a game changer for emotional, mental, physical, and energetic...

Nov 20, 2023

Our word for 2022 was SOFTEN. 2023, we were ready to PLAY. For 2024, it's... The energy of 2024 is way more grounding than the last few years. Here is what you can expect.



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Nov 13, 2023

It wouldn't be the playground if we didn't keep it real. There's a desire to bypass discomfort in spiritual and wellness communities. What's our role in liberation? What's our role in the healing arts?



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⭐ Discover your healer...

Nov 2, 2023

The seasonal saddies are around the corner and it's at this point we can call it a pattern! The emotions, sleep, digestion, and energy WILL shift; we can act like this is a surprise or actually come up with a game plan that's going to be supportive to your mind, body, and life.

As seasons change, know that you are a...