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The Playground

May 14, 2024

If you're someone who has multiple passions and interests, you know how difficult it can be to FOCUS. There are so many options on the table that sometimes it feels like you either don't know how to make the "right choice", or feel paralyzed by having to make choice! In this conversation, I'm going to give you a simple...

May 10, 2024

Life’s algorithm is changing. Quick shifts and deconstruction of previous thoughts, behaviors, and actions are along this pathway. As you continue to download new codes, feel free to delete all programs that are malfunctioning. Your work in liberation, social justice, and healing all require evolution 💕

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May 6, 2024

Meet Fabienne Beard-Wright, an esteemed cultural movement specialist, and the driving force behind Lift Off Special Programming, Inc. with a deep, rooted passion for dancing education, Fabienne has committed her life to empowering others through the art, providing valuable resources, and fostering creative growth....

Apr 30, 2024

So…now that we’re out of this eclipse situation, you’re going to start feeling some BIG personal AND collective upgrades. Now, whenever you talk to me about astrology or energy, we’re always talking practical and grounded - keeping in our vision world events and cultural context as well. 

Apr 16, 2024

Your inner teenager is contacting you, again. There are four crucial ways that you know your inner teenager is trying to get in contact with you...or is ruling your life! Which do you resonate with?


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