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The Playground

Dec 10, 2021

Healing Arts Practitioner Training Immersion 2022!

This is your official invitation! We’re planting these seeds on March 20, 2022 for our next Healing Arts Practitioner Training Immersion. We’re taking a slow deep dive into the healing arts for 12 months, honoring our journey with the seasons, igniting our own inner healing, discovering, playing, and integrating what it means to embody your gifts as someone in the helping profession.

💕We’re training in FLOW Breathwork level one and level two, my own unique style of breathwork - Informed by the elements, martial arts, movement, dance, and intuitive energy healing.

✨ We are learning the healing art of sound, using crystal healing bowls, gongs, and creating your own signature soundbaths.

💫Will be training in my PLAY method to prepare you to activate yourself as an embodiment coach.

🌟We have an incredible lineup of guest Healers, mystics, and teachers who are coming to teach you different topics in the healing arts - moon cycles, astrology, integrative therapy, conscious facilitator development, intuition building, grounding techniques, intuitive energy healing, and so much more.

👏🏾We have three one on one integration mentors who are available to help you integrate your journey in this beautiful amazing process on an individual basis. These mentors are my own students and mentees over the years who I’ve had the incredible pleasure of seeing through their stages of the healing arts Practitioner journey.

This container is my dream. A place to learn the healing arts and a safe place to come into the embodiment of what it means for YOU to practice the healing arts for yourself, develop your own unique expression, and flow with your crafts.

Make sure you are on the waitlist if you are feeling called to join this incredibly stacked container for next year. Registration begins on January 20.

All details are here: