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The Playground

Dec 15, 2020

Are you exhausted? In this episode, we dive into racial battle fatigue, multiracial identity, and dismantling the guilt around play and joy. 

Janet Stickmon is a professor of humanities, specializing in Ethnic Studies, and faculty coordinator of the Cultural Center at Napa Valley College. Stickmon’s books Crushing Soft Rubies—A Memoir, Midnight Peaches, Two O’Clock Patience—A Collection of Essays, Poems, and Short Stories on Womanhood and the Spirit, Male Strippers as Healers and their Emcee as Griotte—Why Magic Mike XXL is Deeper Than You Think, and To Black Parents Visiting Earth: Raising Black Children in the 21st Century have been used in colleges and universities nationwide. Her essays have appeared in The Huffington Post, Mutha Magazine, Read to Write Stories, Positively Filipino, and Red and Yellow, Black and Brown: Decentering Whiteness in Mixed Race Studies (Rutgers University Press, 2017). Janet Stickmon holds a Master’s of the Arts Degree in Ethnic Studies from San Francisco State University, a Master’s of the Arts Degree in Religion and Society from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Irvine. For over 20 years, Stickmon’s work has influenced thousands across the country.

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